Finally: Discover a Proven Process...

Our proven training system has many parts, but you won't be overwhelmed!

You'll learn at your own pace.

We will design the training regimen for you based on your motivation, goals and available time.

In addition to my 24 years of experience with our company, you will have access to:



  • Private access to Affiliate Training Center on my website – training, documents, checklists, etc. Frequent updates.
  • Weekly training calls from upline masters who are 6-figure earners
  • Monthly training calls from top Shaklee earner in the world (7+ figures)
  • 3-way calls for your new prospects (with me or upline masters)


  • Monday night zoom opportunity calls – open to your new prospects
  • Monthly zoom training sessions for new distributors
  • Weekly corporate sponsored calls and/or zoom meetings


  • Global Conference – an absolute must for business leaders! Share experiences with Shaklee distributors from all over the world; get first access to new product launches; focus on training and development.
  • MCMentors – Recordings of valuable training sessions of varied topics, including many on mindset development
  • Field-sponsored training events – varied locations.
  • Ongoing authentic networking training courses from Richard Bliss Brooke focused on how to develop your business in a solid, authentic, non-salesy way.