I've heard about network marketing, but I'm not really sure what it is?  

Network Marketing is a form of direct selling. It is done personally face-to-face, via the internet or social media, through trade shows, direct mail, and owner-operated business such as healthcare and beauty providers. The Network Marketing profession is the fastest growing profession in the world. It produces over $35.5 billion in annual sales by 20.5 million people in the U.S. $182.5 billion worth of goods and services are sold worldwide each year in this industry, with more than 147 million people around the world who participate in some level in this industry.

Network Marketing is defined by the rule

that everyone may enroll others from day one.



To learn how money is earned in our industry, watch this brief video.


Why should I consider getting involved now? 

Only you can answer that question. But here's a video for you to consider in making your decision.  CLICK HERE  

With all the Network Marketing companies out there, why did you choose Shaklee?

Quite simply, Shaklee ranked highest for all the important points of a solid legacy company: Longevity, philosophy, ownership, products & science, compensation plan, community, corporate support and field training and mentoring. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Can you really make money in Network Marketing?

Absolutely!  But, let's be honest. The vast majority (around 95%) of the people who get involved with a network marketing company end up very happy and satisfied customer users. The remaining 5% earn varied amounts of income based on the work they put into it, and only 1% or less make the 6-figures (or more) income because they're the ones who understand the business, have the fire, and realize that the work is worth it. To learn more about the work being worth it, ENJOY THIS VIDEO by Richard Bliss Brooke, who is one of the top mentors and trainers in the world in our industry. 


I'm sure you have MANY questions about the industry, our company and whether or not it's a fit for you. AND YOU SHOULD! No one should get involved with any company in any industry without knowing a lot more than a few paragraphs. 


So, let's talk. Let's get those questions answered. Let's see if you might have what it takes to be one of the 5%...or maybe one of the 1%. Let's get that discovery talk scheduled right now. 


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